How Do Florida Resident Theme Park Passes Work? Great Savings for Year-Round Fun

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For Florida residents, fun and entertainment are right outside their door. A destination for millions of visitors every year, the sunshine state offers attractions for all ages. Several annual passes are available to encourage Florida residents to take advantage of the theme parks throughout the year. The passes not only save residents money but also provides them with flexibility for their families.

Passes with Value and Flexibility

It's impossible to see and do everything while visiting the Orlando area. Florida residents, however, can visit the theme parks, again and again, thanks to an annual park pass. Whether you simply want to spend time with your family or friends, theme park passes help save you time and money. Experience all that these parks have to offer in the very state in which you live! Here's a list of the types of annual theme park passes available for Florida residents only:


  • Epcot After 4 Annual Pass—This pass includes admission for one year to Epcot any day after 4 p.m. Passholders enjoy free parking and a 20% discount on select dining and merchandise. 

All Disney Theme Parks

  • Disney Weekday Select Pass—Admission with this pass includes entry to all of Disney Orlando's theme parks for one year. The pass is for use Monday-Friday only. This pass also includes free parking and a 20% discount on select dining and merchandise. 
  • Disney Theme Park Select Pass—This pass offers admission during certain times of the year to select parks. Those parks included with the pass have different restricted dates, making the pass fairly flexible for Florida residents. Benefits include free parking and a 20% discount on select dining and merchandise.
  • Disney Silver Pass—Admission with this pass includes all Disney theme parks. However, the pass is only valid at certain times of the year due to blackout dates. Free parking and a 20% discount are a part of this pass.
  • Disney Gold Pass—The gold pass offers admission to all of the parks with some restricted dates. Free parking and a 20% discount on select dining and merchandise applies. This particular pass is for Disney Vacation Club members as well. 


  • Water Parks After 2 Annual Pass—This pass allows admission for one year to both of Disney's water parks, on any day of the week, after 2 p.m.

Other types of Disney Orlando passes include the platinum pass and the platinum plus pass.

Florida residents may live as far away from Orlando as Pensacola. To enjoy the full benefits of your annual pass, choosing a place to rest after a busy day is essential to a successful trip.

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